Best audiophile headphones for gaming (2021)

Presently, we’re continuing to take a deeper look at the best audiophile gaming headphones available. You cannot ignore the value of awareness. if you want to increase your gaming abilities in practically any game, regardless of genre. This is especially true in the first-person shooter game genre.

Knowing where the opponent is or where the shot originated from might be the difference between life and death in many situations. Having an extra layer of knowledge over your opponents may boost your K/D and turn you into a formidable opponent on the battlefield. That small amount of additional knowledge might prove to be a massive help in crunch situations.

Top gear may substantially increase your performance. Whether it sees into darker places more clearly or having nearly no input latency between your keyboard and display.

While the lack of functional capabilities makes these headphones unsuitable for everyday usage. They’re ideal for totally immersing yourself in your music while relaxing at home. They correctly reproduce sound and, in most cases. It can generate a vast and wide soundstage that simulates listening to music on tower speakers.

They also look and feel well-made and comfy enough to allow you to thoroughly enjoy your music without being reminded that you’re wearing headphones. Due to Bluetooth connection limits, audiophile headphones are usually exclusively wired. Hence there are Best audiophile headphones for gaming on this list.

Guide to buy Best audiophile headphones for gaming

Audiophiles will never be satisfied with the substandard sound quality of conventional gaming headphones. They will find themselves craving for the highest audio quality sooner or later, and that’s where the issue begins. Audiophiles, you know, are a rare breed. Audiophile gamers are on the verge of extinction. Guide to buy Best audiophile headphones for gaming

It’s not every day that headphone producers run into folks like these. As a result, there are not many headphones available that meet their high standards. However, even the most passionate audiophile may locate headphones that satisfy his or her requirements. Some might be a gamer’s joy.

You can discover a handful with overlapping characteristics with some small sacrifices and luck. These are the ones who cut this list. When you go shopping, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Sound Quality

The most excellent headphones for audiophiles should, first and foremost, sound incredible. I don’t produce headphones. Therefore we are not familiar with all of the nuances of technical phrases that sound mixers may be able to recite off the top of their heads.

The first component specifies how well the headphones reproduce sounds from the low end to the high end. The more extensive the frequency range, the more accurate the sound reproduction and the more vibrant the final sound.

We tried to determine whether a particular set of headphones overrepresented certain sounds on a frequency or enabled certain sounds to dominate the music when we listened for sound balance.

Some drivers, for example, have a natural preference for bass sounds. Thus songs with a lot of high notes or vocals suffer. For headphones with drivers that concentrate highs and mids over bass, the opposite is true.


Even the best-sounding headphones, believe it or not, will make you dislike them if they are too tight on your head or grip your forehead too tightly. Long-term gaming use needs a high level of comfort. Look for headphones with plenty of cushioning, a flexible headband, soft ear cups, and, if feasible, a velour coating to improve airflow. If velour isn’t available, pleather is a good alternative.

Clients often overlook the necessity of having an easy-to-use control panel. However, if you find yourself looking for buttons or navigating through software that is too difficult to use, you’ll come to regret your decision far sooner than you think.


The issue with audiophile headphones is that they don’t usually have an in-built microphone. It is an additional purchase. Standard gaming headset mics are also nothing to write home about.

Look for headphones with a microphone with noise cancellation and a mute button if you play games where communication with your teammates is important. You’ll be able to thank us afterward.

A detachable microphone, by the way, makes tucking the headphones into your handbag for travel much more effortless. As a result, you might want to think about it.

Battery Life

When you decide to go for wireless headphones, make sure to think about how long they will last. Headphone battery life is split between the tiny batteries contained in each bud and a bigger battery within the charging case, which should be left plugged in for convenience most of the time.

In any case, battery life indicates how long you can listen without having to plug in your headphones or headphone. Best audiophile headphones for gaming must have good battery timing.

Longer battery life is preferable, and it’s also better when used with noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling microphones frequently consume a large amount of battery power, halving your overall battery life.

Virtual Surround Sound

Manufacturers frequently tout 7.1 virtual surround sound as a selling point. But, especially with audiophile headphones, it’s generally a software rendering of 7 sound channels that may or may not make a difference in audio quality.

Stereo headsets, on the other hand, only have two channels. In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic feature. But it’s not one on which we’d make a final purchase choice.


We became a stickler for certain things when it comes to materials, mainly because it impacts your overall comfort when wearing a set of wired and over-ear headphones.

Headphones made of PU leather or specific types of mesh fabric are more comfortable than those made of genuine leather or plain plastic. Those latter materials, especially if you listen to music on headphones for hours on end, may do a lot of damage to your ears and the top of your head over time.

However, it would help if you thought about the materials used in the overall chassis and the drivers on the inside. If you wish to emphasize quality above cost, neodymium magnets and drivers are a great alternative.

For extra aesthetic appeal, certain earcups may be constructed of unique polymers or even genuine wood. What do you think of mesh? Mesh is a low-cost alternative that might be comfortable, but it isn’t as durable as the other alternatives.

My advice is not to completely disregard mesh, but be aware that it, more than any other material, can rip and tear more quickly than you may desire. Best audiophile headphones for gaming should have good material.

Top Best audiophile headphones for gaming

1 Headphone 700

Best audiophile headphones for gamingView On Amazon

Our Verdict

What makes audiophile headphones so compelling is how efficiently they block out ambient noise. Even I confess, enjoy escaping into my happy world again and then, and high-quality sound-canceling headphones may be helpful to study tools when you need to go deep into a textbook.


Fortunately, I discovered that the Bose headphones mentioned above are among the best high-end wireless audiophile headphones available. And it is no wonder, given Bose’s reputation as one of the industry’s top over-ear headphone makers.

But let’s get down to business. Finally, these Bose headphones provide up to 11 noise-canceling settings. That means you don’t have to completely silence your surroundings if you want to be aware of what’s happening around you.

One thing I realized was how helpful this was when traveling. I could use these headphones on the train and not worry about colliding with someone. It is one of the Best audiophile headphones for gaming.

Bottom line

However, I was impressed with how well-designed the headphones were for cordless assistance and control. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are functional (I prefer Google Assistant). The former can be accessed by pressing a physical button or by using a wake-up phrase set into the headphones by default.

  • It can 15 meters away from a signaling device
  • It prevents your ears from feeling pinched
  • Best for the kids
  • Noise-canceling ability use much battery

2 Anker Soundcore Life Q20

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Our Verdict

You’ve undoubtedly seen that we wouldn’t say we like headphones that are too unpleasant to use for lengthy periods. The Anker Soundcore Life Q20s seem to be built to solve that problem. This is due in part to the unique protein leather they utilize for their earcups.


Because the headphones weigh a little over.5 pounds, the lack of padding on the headband doesn’t impede as much from comfort as you might assume. I liked how the headband didn’t weigh down on the top of my head at all.

However, comfort is only one factor to consider when deciding whether or not a pair of headphones is worth your time. Thankfully, owing to their proprietary 40 mm dynamic drivers, they perform a superb job of delivering high-quality sound.

Because they can reproduce extended frequencies, they can accurately portray very high, um, highs and lower bass sounds. It is one of the Best audiophile headphones for gaming. These headphones also have active noise-cancellation technology, which is provided by four simultaneous microphones.

A sophisticated ANC algorithm incorporated into the headphones’ software can readily identify and suppress background noise, making them among the finest headphones for flight travel. On an airplane, where can you find comfort and quiet? To me, this seems like a winning combo.

Bottom Line

These headphones, being wireless variable driver headphones, have a great battery life, lasting up to 40 hours in total, even with noise-cancellation turned on. If you turn off the noise cancellation, you may get up to 60 hours!

  • Most comfy on the market
  • Headphones are so light and flexible
  • With great noise-canceling technology
  • Few people face people during call activity

3 V-MODA M-200

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Our Verdict

Wireless connectivity is unimportant to many audiophiles, and some would argue that this is correct. After all, due to the reliability of the connection and the capacity of a wire to transmit more audio information without bit loss, connected headphones will nearly always give the most incredible sound compared to their wireless counterparts.


I discovered that using the designated button, which instantly engages the in-built microphone, was quite simple to make and receive calls. The call quality is excellent, especially because you can use the accompanying wires to connect the headphones to your wireless device.

What about convenience? There is one slight drawback: the ear cups aren’t comfy, while the headband is curiously enough. This is most likely due to the headphones’ general low weight and the ease with which the headband tension can be adjusted.

Both components are made of sweat-resistant PU leather, which I appreciate even though it isn’t the trendiest material available. On the other hand, the earcups benefit from memory foam cushions, which make them more pleasant with time. The headphones may be stored in the accompanying case or anyplace else, thanks to a flat-folding hinge.

Bottom line

These sweatproof over-ear headphones come with 3.5 mm dual cables that are ideal for mixing and listening to studio-quality music. Finally, few headphones do as excellent a job as these in delivering sound directly from a device or device without wasting anything in the process.

  • Easily maneuverable and adjustable
  • You may easily take and make phone calls
  • It comes with a traveling case and an additional cord
  • Material is meant to be perspiration resistant

4 HIFIMAN Ananda

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Our Verdict

The HIFIMAN Anandas are music-focused headphones that are more balanced. These headphones are ideal for high-sensitivity audiophiles who know precisely what to listen for, whether rocking to their favorite tracks or going deep into their favorite artists’ albums since they are priced in the center of the pack.


The headphones do feature an 8 Hz to 55 kHz frequency response. In a word, this implies they can perfectly mimic highs to basses without losing any auditory information or allowing one area of the spectrum to overpower the other.

This super-thin cushion within the earcups of these planar magnetic headphones enhances this effect. The thickness is only 1-2 microns. Let me guarantee you that when there is no felt, leather, or anything between your ears and the source of your music, you will notice a difference.

However, they’re also rather fashionable and comfy. It is one of the Best audiophile headphones for gaming. They, for example, are under a pound (14.07 ounces) and have thin, tall earcups that should suit most users without needing to be adjusted. The earcups’ grill design is hit-or-miss.

Bottom Line

We discovered that we could connect these headphones to any mobile device without experiencing any latency or loss of sound quality. Of course, this is partly due to the corded design, which avoids the inherent dangers of wireless connections.

  • Lightweight
  • Most comfortable for true head size
  • They will not fit everyone’s head shape

5 SONY WH-1000XM3

Best audiophile headphones for gaming

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Our Verdict

In more ways than one, these integrate Sony’s technological competence in electronics with intelligent manufacturing. For example, the headphones have a smart-listening “Sense Engine”: in short, this technology allows the headphones to recreate sound in the best possible way based on your surroundings and the music you’re listening to.


Liquid crystal polymer drivers with a diameter of 40 mm improve overall reproduction efficiency. Even though it doesn’t quite reach the peaks of some of the other headphones on my list, the ensuing musical quality is pretty good.

It’s also helpful when wearing headphones to make calls. Because they can be used as wired or wireless headphones depending on your needs, you can use them to talk to friends or make a phone call, then seamlessly return to listening to music without having to take them off your ears.

Sony even included a specific “rapid attention” mode within the headphones’ firmware to help with this kind of engagement. Take a call, talk on the phone, utilize noise-canceling technology to eliminate background noise, and then return to your music in seconds with this smooth switching.

Bottom Line

They’re relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to some of the more expensive options I’ve discussed thus far. What is my recommendation? If you’re looking for something compact, convenient to use for calls, and combines decent sound quality and noise-canceling in one package, go no further..

  • Noise-canceling is effective
  • highly user-friendly
  • Sense Engine operates in the background
  • they rapidly warm-up

6 Skullcandy Crusher

Best audiophile headphones for gaming

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Our verdict

The Skullcandy Crusher is one of the most excellent alternatives you’ll come across. This headset can last up to 40 hours on a single charge, and the maker claims that every 10-minute charging period may add up to 3 extra hours of battery life.


The Skullcandy Crusher has Bluetooth wireless technology, making it an excellent choice for listening to music while on the go or playing games on your PC or console. It also has an embedded mic and adjustable sensory bass, which can come in useful if you’re into competitive gaming and broadcasting.

The Crusher has controls for turning on and off the headset, skipping songs, answering and ending conversations, regulating volume, playing and stopping music, and connecting with Bluetooth. The control buttons are located on the back of the cup, adding to its neatness and accessibility.

The bass volume may be controlled with a slider on the rear of the left ear cup. Because there are no numbers or levels to show the bass level on the slider, you’ll have to experiment to determine what works best for you.

Bottom line

The headphones are comfy on the ears and head, provide great sound, and have long battery life. All of this, along with its affordable pricing, makes it a headphone that can compete with more expensive luxury choices.

  • Comfortable with Battery Life
  • Variability and capacities of bass
  • Noise cancellation that is passive
  • There is not a battery indication

7 Razer BlackShark V2

Best audiophile headphones for gaming

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Our Verdict

The Razer BlackShark V2 is the next best gaming and music headphones on our list. This headset is a beautiful combination of quality – great sound and quality craftsmanship. One of the BlackShark V2’s most significant selling factors is its weight, roughly 262g, which is much less than most rival headsets.


I utilized this gaming headset for roughly 7 hours, and it functioned admirably for gaming, work, music, and movie streaming. Because it’s a lightweight gaming headset, it’s also a terrific travel companion. It isn’t collapsible, but it does come with its travel case, making it simple to transport.

The BlackShark V2’s cups have a matte surface and are of excellent quality. It is one of the Best audiophile headphones for gaming. The headband is made of leather, while the earcups and headband are made of memory foam.

The cushions on the earcups have a decent degree of thickness and are covered in knit fabric, making them comfortable to the touch, preventing sweating on the ears, and reducing heat.

Because the microphone is detachable, you may take it off when going for a stroll or traveling and replace it when it’s time to play.

Bottom Line

The mic has a flexible stem that feels substantial to the touch but flexible enough to allow for easy adjustment. The BlackShark V2 also has USB and 3.5mm audio jack connections for usage with various devices, including cellphones, PCs, and game consoles.

  • Build a good microphone
  • Best Sound Quality
  • Great noise cancellation ability
  • There are no indicators


Best audiophile headphones for gaming

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Our Verdict

The COWIN E7 is my cheap suggested headset if you’re on a budget and require noise-cancelling headphones with an inbuilt microphone that you can use for work, music, and travel. The COWIN E7 headphone’s most vital features are its relatively comfortable shape, extended battery life, and noise-canceling capability.


The COWIN E7 cups can swivel up to 90 degrees, making them easier to travel. The headphones also have a cable, allowing you to use them in both wired and wireless modes as desired. The earpads are of excellent quality, are soft on the ears, and are intended to accommodate even those with big ears.

The 40mm large-aperture drivers in the headphones create deep and precise bass responses. The headset has a built-in microphone that is useful for taking calls, in-game conversations, and streaming.

Because the microphone is built-in, this is one of the most versatile headphones you can obtain cheap. It is one of the Best audiophile headphones for gaming. If the headset had been made of matte plastic, I believe it would have done a better job in this area.

Bottom Line

However, we are not sure whether this is a disadvantage, but the headphones have a digital volume control, and the power switch is not large enough, making it difficult to use at times.

This isn’t the most fabulous affordable lightweight headphones for gaming and music, in my view, because it weights roughly 387g.

  • Affordability
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Create high-quality products
  • Volume control using a digital device



Is it worthwhile to purchase Airpods in 2021?

Apple’s Airpods are its brand of earbuds. They’re at the best beginning, rather than being at the top of the category, as are most Apple-exclusive items.

Plus, without Apple’s price hikes, cheaper Airpod rivals achieve a better price-quality balance. There are several earphones that, in my opinion, are excellent Airpods substitutes.

Is it worthwhile to invest in high-end headphones?

Given what I’ve previously said, I’d say sure. But, in reality, it depends on what you are looking for in a pair of headphones and how important a high-quality audio experience is to you.

If you want to get the most out of a song or media experience, the top headphone companies and their products are ideal.

On the other hand, high-end over-ear headphones may be a waste of time and money if music isn’t your passion. You have a wide range of headphones to choose from and a wide range of price points — go with what appears to be a decent price-to-quality ratio.

Are high-priced headphones worthwhile?

Suppose you have the money and are dedicated to having the most refined audio experience possible, yes. As I hope I demonstrated above, even if they aren’t the most expensive headphones on the market, some of the highly-rated headphones are well worth your time and money. Quality isn’t always reflected in the price.

Are headphones superior to headphones in terms of sound quality?

In most circumstances, yes. The reality is that because headphones are more prominent, they can use more significant drivers and more advanced audio technology. The size and battery life of earbuds are substantially more constrained. Furthermore, headphones frequently wrap over your ear to block out extraneous sounds.

Is surround sound required?

When headphones claim surrounds sound software, the maker implies that the headphones can simulate the sensation of many speakers being placed around your ears. It’s not essential for songs and general artist listening.

Surround sound software helps improve directional detection for specific sound cues in your game. It may be appealing to gamers. Surround sound is standard on many of the top audiophile headphones.


The appropriate equipment is required for any effective gaming setup. Once you’ve sorted out the hardware of the computer tower. The most crucial thing is to pick the right keyboard and mouse combo.

The HIFIMAN Ananda Over-Ear Full-Size Magnetic Headphones, we have to say, won me over in the end. Granted, these are not ideal for all head shapes, but they work for me! Furthermore, they are pretty comfy and weigh less than a pound.

However, they are actual audiophile headphones due to their exceptional sound quality, super-thin diaphragms, and incredible drivers. It’s difficult to put into words how they made me feel. But let me put it this way: when I want to dive into music and just become a song, we do not use any other headphones.

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