Can you wear apple AirPods in the shower?

Can you wear apple AirPods in the shower?

All users of Apple AirPods have this question, Can you wear apple AirPods in the shower? We are going to discuss each and everything about it.

It’s simple to keep water away from household electronics because, in general, you keep your electronics, such as your smartphone, TV, phone, and other similar items, away from water.

People, on the other hand, often have their smartphones with them at all times. If you use Airpods, you want to keep them with you at all times, whether you’re running, at work, or in the shower.

The question is, what about a shower? Is it possible to use your Airpods when bathing and listen to music without bothering others? Why should we stop using Airpods to listen to music in the restroom?

Many people have inquired about the water-resistance of both the first and second-generation AirPods. Is it possible that they are water-resistant? We want to answer all of your questions about water resistance and how to fix water damage to Airpods right here.

Our verdict

If you’re wondering if you can keep AirPods in the shower, you will disappoint to learn that the truth is no. It must not wear such devices in any moist environment.

This means you should avoid using these gadgets when swimming, showering, or at the pool. Many individuals believe that because people who work out wear AirPods, you may as well. It’s a poor idea. There have been numerous reports of people’s AirPods being permanently damaged as a result of sweat.

But why is wearing these devices in the shower or damp conditions a bad idea? Let’s talk well about mechanics for a moment. When the weather is moist, most consumer devices will stop operating.

It’s because moisture and water are likely to infiltrate through the item’s shell, posing a risk of short-circuiting the wiring. Blocking any apertures on the gadget is usually the most effective way to keep water out.

Consider your AirPods to be little speakers. Because there are several openings within, closing the holes is the best technique to prevent water penetration.

Apple’s AirPods are likewise water-resistant, with an IPX4 classification. In layman’s terms, this means they can withstand water splashes.

Can you wear the apple AirPods in water activities?

This essentially means that they should not wear these AirPods in any activity that requires direct water contact.

Another crucial point to remember is that the company recognizes that sweat will wear things out over time. The AirPods are also not sweatproof, according to the company’s support page.

As per the official support page, these are only sweat-resistant. As a result, allowing any moisture into or near the gadget is an absolute no-no.

Can you be shocked by Airpods?

This question is associated with the main question, Can you wear apple AirPods in the shower? Yes, you could electrocute by your Airpods in the shower since the static electric current has built into these Airpods by scraping them against electrical conducting material.

However, it is not fatal, and dying from using your Airpods is exceedingly unusual. That’s why Apple advises against wearing Airpods in the shower. Another issue that might come to your Airpods is if you use them for a long time.

They have found in water, their sweat resistance will reduce through time, and their Airpods discharge their AC power. You attempt to use the original Apple product whenever you buy a new product.

However, you began to use an unapproved charger that supplied them with high voltages, which may be extremely harmful and injure you in the future, so try to stick to certified Apple products.

What Are IPX Ratings and How Do They Work?

It could be a good idea to educate yourself on the various IPX ratings. This is the Ingress Protection Standard. Airpod is responsible for establishing worldwide standards for a variety of consumer and industrial products.

These apple AirPods have Batteries, solar panels, and various other equipment, fall under this category. The company provides several different grades based on how vulnerable the item is to water damage.

It can be a good idea to learn how these ratings work. So you can get a better sense of the resistance levels of various ratings. To keep in mind, the terms “water-resistant” and “waterproof” are not interchangeable.

The former implies that the company is not liable. The products are generally just splash-resistant. It is strongly discouraged to use these devices when swimming.

Waterproof signifies that the business has tested the gadget to a given depth and found. It to be responsible for keeping the water out to that depth.

Whether there is water damage, you should review the company’s return and refund policy as well as the warranty policy. Can you wear apple AirPods in the shower? Here we have different dimensions;


This means there is no protection against water or moisture of any kind.


It can withstand vertical water drops of up to 1mm/min for 10 minutes.


This indicates that your device will protect from water droplets at a 15-degree angle for 10 minutes at a rate of 3mm/min.


Its certification indicates that the device has protected against a water spray with a 60-degree angle differential, a 5-minute time interval, and a pressure of 50-150kpa.


This is the classification given to Apple Airpods. This grade indicates that the item has protected from any water splashes originating from any direction.


This classification means that the consumer electronics product has protected from a jet of water if the duration of the jet of water is less than 15 minutes and the rate is less than 12.5 l/min.


It indicates your equipment has protected against forceful jets of water flowing from any angle. This is more than or equal to 3 minutes at a rate of 100 l/min for more than or equal to 3 minutes.


This is the certification granted to the majority of waterproof products, such as these Bluetooth waterproof speakers. This grade indicates that your gadget is completely waterproof and that it can submerge in water for 30 minutes at a depth of about 1 meter.


This means the item has been tested to withstand full submersion in water to a depth of more than 1 meter, or technically 3 meters. This rating does not have a time limit.


Pressures of 8 to 10 megapascals and a rate of 14-16 l/min at a high temperature and a short distance.

It has a distance of 0.1 to 0.15m at a pressure of 8 to 10 megapascals and a rate of 14-16 l/min.

Is Using AirPods In The Bath Safe?

Showering is not recommended while using AirPods. It will not electrocute the user. The voltage within the AirPods is insufficient to cause any bodily harm. Mistakenly dumping AirPods in the bath.

It is likely to permanently damage them. AirPods are not resistant and will not withstand being submerged in water.

We would strongly advise folks to avoid attempting this. Unless they are truly IPX8 waterproof, electronics do not mix well with water.

Although your wireless earbuds are unlikely to cause any bodily harm, they are prone to falls into the bath by accident. Because the AirPods Pro are just water-resistant, those who don’t tolerate being Floating underwater.

Is it possible to use AirPods after a shower?

Wearing AirPods Pro in the shower is not suggested, but wearing them afterward is fine. AirPods Pro are water-resistant, so they’ll stay dry in wet conditions.

Older AirPods generations, on the other hand, are not water-resistant and should not use in the shower. Long-term exposure to moist surroundings, on the other hand, will be detrimental to the gadgets.

It could compare a bathroom after a shower as a moist, humid, and warm environment. While your home bathroom isn’t quite as luxurious as a steam room, it’s close.

Let’s take the guessing out of it and refrain from using your earphones in the restroom.

Does Apple’s Warranty cover water Damage?

The normal Apple warranty does not cover water damage to AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro out-of-warranty replacement fees are USD 89 per incidence. If the AppleCare+ covers your AirPods Pro for Headphones warranty, you’ll have to pay a $29 AppleCare+ servicing cost.

Electronics manufacturers rarely insure water damage, and this is also true for the majority of Apple goods. Getting a full replacement for your damaged product will almost certainly cost you money.

Take into account the transportation costs associated with sending the damaged item and receiving the new items.

Attempting to dry your AirPods yourself may thus be worthwhile. If none of these options work, you can apply for Apple Repair Service. Your alternative goods will arrive in about a week.

What can we use as an alternative to AirPods in the bathroom?

In the shower, music can make a living much more joyful. However, broken AirPods make living difficult. So, AirPods users, let’s be responsible and keep them away from water.

Why not use a (very inexpensive) waterproof Bluetooth speaker with your AirPods Pro? This will not only improve your bathing experience but will also extend the life of your devices.

This waterproof JBL Flip 4 speaker, for example, is a popular choice. It connects to a variety of devices via WiFi or Bluetooth, and the audio quality is outstanding.

You’ll never have to worry about losing your AirPods in the shower, and you’ll never have to worry about getting an electric shock. Because, as we all know, water and gadgets don’t mix.

Once you’re wearing those AirPods, stay clean and safe!

Other questions

Is there a water damage indicator on the Airpods Pro?

There is no water damage indicator on the AirPods Pro. The reason for this is never intended to come into touch with water.

The AirPods pro has the lowest water resistance rating, IPX4, which means it may withstand a few splashes but will be harmed if exposed to enough water.

How long the Airpods Pro do last while submerged?

The Airpods Pro isn’t designed to go underwater, so they won’t work if you submerge them. The Airpods pro has an IPX4 water resistance rating, which is the lowest possible.

This implies it can only withstand light water splashes. It will harm if it has exposed to a huge amount of water.

Is it true that sweat damages AirPods Pro?

The AirPods Pro are sweat resistant but not sweatproof, which means they can tolerate a good quantity of sweat but can destroy if not properly cared for.

Because the case isn’t sweatproof, you’ll need to wipe off your Airpods pro with a dry, latex cloth after each workout before placing it back in the case.


We hope that you get the answer to the question Can you wear apple AirPods in the shower? Apple AirPods are not waterproof. They must not carry in the shower. They are only water-resistant, which goes off over time.

They have an IPX4 rating, which indicates that they are water and sweat-resistant but not waterproof.

Apple Airpods are fantastic tiny devices with excellent sound quality and a fashionable design that many individuals have fallen in love with. They’re fantastic for music.

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