The top 10 best headphones under $300 for 2021

If you prioritize convenience, audio quality, and soundstage above all else, the best headphones under $300 are still the best type of headphones.

Yes, the right headphones are comfortable, and their audio quality is (mostly) excellent. When it comes to intense listening, though, a chunkier pair of headphones that protect the whole ear and filter out any potential noise also has many advantages.

Because of this, we believe that there are the best headphones under $300 available in 2021. They’re not only shaped like tanks, but they also have incredible resolution and a large soundstage. If you’ve been looking for a pair of the finest wired and wireless headphones that are used by some of the world’s top audio engineers, look no further.

Furthermore, headphones could be a safer option for your ear protection than in-ear headphones. This is because they increase the gap between noisy noises and your eardrums. Another excuse to search for a pair of over-ears is if protecting your hearing is vital to you (as it should be for all of us).

It’s still difficult to top the right over-ear headphones when it comes to audio quality. The explanation for this is that the best headphones under $300 you can find right now have the most significant drivers and are available in both open-back and closed-back versions – the former gives your favorite music an almost concert hall-like sound that is as similar to hearing it live as you can get.

Guide to buy best headphones under $300 for 2021

They don’t offer you anything for free when you buy anything. The goods we recommend aren’t always ones that we prefer or that profit from the promotion.

As individuals, and of the brands we recommend have a proven track record. Not only have we been inspired by their name and fame, but we’ve also reviewed and evaluated this product with the assistance of our team of experts, headed by Mr. John Plix, an expert and seasoned product analyst, blogger, and multiple international award winner.

Mr. Plix selects and reviews these items independently and through his expert team of four members, including Game Freaks, sound analysts, and competent testers.

We recommend many of the items have undergone extensive testing to demonstrate their capability, reliability, and efficiency.

As previously said, the evaluation session is a month-long operation rather than a couple of hours. The method of selecting items takes just about 56 hours of effort.

You chose all of the items you’ve mentioned so far from a long list of 50-70 options. Within 72 hours, we whittled down a long list to a shortlist of 20 headphones based on their visual and written feedback.

And, out of those ten headphones, only those who completed our 120-hour long trial cycle earned a spot on our shortlist of ten.

Finally, after 300 hours of hard work, you have a lightweight and perfect list of the best headphones under $300 bucks.

Price and Performance

$300 is not a mere sum to be forgotten. So, we should expect as much as we can pay for improved results and efficiency. Many headphones on our list of the best headphones under $300 belong to the best companies and are known for their high efficiency.

We are pleased with their concept, but they had to go through a stringent testing phase to prove their capabilities. The capabilities of best headphones under $300 matters a lot.

The key aspects of measuring a headphone, such as weight, design, durability, impedance, sensitivity, and frequency response, have been chosen to go within this capacity examination.

We have labeled them separately in each one after judging all of the facets. We summed all of the products’ scores and displayed the results in the chart below, which relates their success to their price.


Headphones come in various styles, including in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear, as mentioned earlier in the purchase guide. It created all of the projects with a variety of uses and options in mind.

Not everybody is familiar with every type, and not everyone likes every type. We choose over-ear, closed-back headphones out of all the choices.

The closed-back, over-ear headphones produce the highest sound quality with no distortion, and they are also very cushioned and easy to wear and use. The headphones scored the top scores in our style table.


The sensitivity of a headphone refers to the amount of pressure it exerts on the ear. Decibels are used to calculate sensitivity. The standard sensitivity range for humans is 90-120dB. Sensitivity is appropriate on an estimated scale, whether it is too high or too low. Headphones are available with a range of sensitivity ranges.

The ones that have a sensitivity spectrum of 90-100 decibels are the safest to go for. Following that, we’ve labeled them on this page. The ones that scored 90-100dB received the highest ratings.


The impedance of the headphone is the second most significant aspect after its sensitivity. When playing, the impedance refers to the movement of the current in the headphones. The best headphones under $300 must be impedance.

Ohms are used to calculating impedance. The headphone’s average impedance rate is 32 ohms. However, you can find headphones at a much higher cost.


For your money, you’ll get an excellent, long-lasting product that delivers the results you want. Durability refers to a product’s power and dependability. Since the headphone is not a hardcore device, it isn’t easy to assess the longevity in some respects.

As a result, we evaluated the products’ reliability based on their content, swiveling head, foldability, and built-in features. Those who excelled in all aspects of longevity received the highest ratings, and those who failed received the lowest.


It can be challenging to locate, but this knowledge is critical since the headset is the only thing we wear around our necks rather than in our hands. The best headphones under $300 must be lightweight.

The device’s weight must be as low as possible while staying relaxed. The heavier it is, the more difficult it is to carry and the more cumbersome it is to have for extended periods. So, the first thing we’re going to measure is weight, and we’ve made this map to keep the lightest to heaviest ratio constant.


The headphone’s microphone is another critical feature to consider, whether you’re using it for technical or everyday use. The mic also functions in combination with the ANC. As a consequence, it’s essential to keep an eye out for microphones.

The headphones’ microphones come in a variety of styles. The mic is often visible on the outside of headphones. At other times it is hidden within the headphone’s internal shell.

Battery life (case of wireless)

When it comes to wireless headphones, this is the only aspect you can remember. The battery is used to power the wireless headphones. And their capabilities are limited by their battery life. The battery life of each headphone varies. The higher the headphone’s battery life, the safer it is for the customer.

Frequency response

Headphones have sound frequencies greater than 20Hz and more diminutive than 20000Hz are audible to us. We, humans, are unable to detect anything above this threshold. As a result, the headphone’s frequency response is an issue that m must address.

Many of them, as adults, are unable to hear frequencies higher than 17000Hz. As a result, headphones with a frequency response of less than 17000Hz are preferable.

Top 10 best headphones under $300 for 2021

1 Beats Solo Pro

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Our Verdict

You can conveniently choose between the two available listening modes to hear the sounds the way you like. The Noise-Cancelling mode uses real-time audio adjustments to filter out ambient noises effectively. All of this is done to give you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your job or play.


A Class 1 Bluetooth Apple H1 chip is used in the Beats Solo Pro headphones. This improves connections to other Apple devices and reduces dropouts. You can comfortably immerse yourself in the world of music thanks to its sophisticated acoustic platform, high-quality audio performance, and ANC technology.

Transparency mode, on the other hand, blocks out certain environmental and ambient sounds. This allows you to be more conscious of your surroundings.

These headphones are a perfect choice for travel or commuting because they have a slew of helpful features that make listening a lot smoother and more pleasant. The battery life of the Beats Solo Pro is up to 40 hours. It’s also capable of Fast Fuel charging. For just a 10-minute fee, you’ll have 3 hours of playtime.

These headphones also provide voice assistant integration and simple, hands-free functions. Say “Hey Siri” on an iOS device and your voice assistant will respond. It also has Android usability, several noise cancellation modes, and a handy carrying case.

Bottom Line

Furthermore, the anodized aluminum side arms and dense padding make these headphones rugged enough for daily use while maintaining an aesthetically appealing, smooth, and streamlined design.

  • Well balanced
  • Nice Fit
  • Noise cancelling
  • The comfort of your phone
  • You can use the openness mode
  • 40 hours of playtime is recommended as wireless
  • Carrying case is not super hard

2 Bose QC35ii

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Our Verdict

The Bose QC35ii headphones have the highest construction quality of all headphones on this list, and other valuable features, including built-in voice assistant connectivity, volume-optimized speakers, noise-rejecting microphones, and the use of a companion app.


These headphones are made of impact-resistant materials like glass-filled acrylic, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and synthetic protein leather headphones so that you can anticipate resiliency and longevity. A substance called Alcantara is also wrapped around the headband.

Push the action button on your headphones to summon Alexa and make her play songs, podcasts, and more without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Not a fan of Alexa? Instead, it would help if you used the phone’s automatic voice assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, by pressing the multi-function button.

You can also use the Bose Connect software to change your headphones’ noise cancellation level, allow music sharing, and control your Bluetooth connections, and more.

If you want hands-free listening or not, these headphones offer a range of choices. No matter what volume you play your music on, these headphones pledge to deliver fullness and clarity.

Bottom Line

You can expect a more pleasant listening experience with its advanced volume-optimized EQ drivers for improved efficiency and stable ANC that tunes out unnecessary background noise when needed.

If you’re listening to your new podcast in a dark space or cranking up the volume on your music in the middle of a crowded highway, you’ll still get the same consistent standard.

  • Noise-canceling microphones
  • Added longevity and elegance
  • Fully personalize the color and design
  • zero background noise
  • Truly comfortable
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Fatigue after 4-5 hrs

3 Sennheiser PXC 550-II

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Our Verdict

The Sennheiser PCX 550-II is an excellent choice if you’re looking for ANC headphones with the best call quality for video conferences or online classes. The classic Sennheiser quality, combined with the reliable noise-canceling technology, helps you customize your listening experience.


The triple microphone array technology makes it easy to hear your speech when canceling out ambient sounds so that you can anticipate first-class call consistency. The ANC technology increases speech comprehension, meaning that calls and voice commands are never blocked out by background noise.

For your ever-changing settings, the dynamic ANC levels will quickly adapt to any situation and eliminate all unwanted background noise.

If you’re on a short bus ride to work or a long trip, these headphones have a battery life of up to 30 hours, which ensures you can listen to music for the entirety of your trip without having to charge them. The headphones’ overall portability is enhanced by the foldable ergonomic nature, revolving ear cups, and carrying bag.

Furthermore, the Sennheiser Smart Control software helps you to fine-tune your sound experience to your tastes by customizing sound modes and other critical features right on your phone.

Bottom Line

Additionally, the Smart Pause Autopilot feature allows you to switch about without skipping a beat while listening to music. When folded and used, the headphone virtually flips on itself, allowing you to resume listening right where you left off.

  • 30 hours of playtime
  • crisp interactions
  • variety of useful smart features
  • active noise cancellation
  • Great comfort
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Charging cable outdated

4 Jabra Elite 85h

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Our Verdict

In this list, the Jabra Elite 85his the best headphones for under $300. All due to its outstanding build quality and SmartSound-enabled listening experience. And if you’re wearing glasses, these headphones will provide you with a supportive and premium experience—the plush, breathable ear cups and fake leather lining help to do this.


For best headphones under $300, these headphones would certainly have top-of-the-line efficiency. Due to the nano-coating on the internal components of the Jabra Elite 85h, you should assume long-term longevity. Because of their dust and water resistance, these headphones are also suitable for use indoors.

The Jabra Elite 85h guarantees crystal clear sound during calls, regardless of your sound condition. It has sophisticated call technology that utilizes six of the eight microphones on the headphones. These are dedicated to improving call consistency and removing noise disruptions.

Making and accepting calls have since been considerably streamlined. It has on-ear tracking, which says the headphones when you pull them out of your ears. Calls are immediately answered/muted as you do so.

With the Jabra Sound+ app, you can tailor almost anything so that your listening experience is just what you want. You can customize the sound for your music and calls, change your settings at will, open simple widgets, and choose your favorite voice assistant, among other things.

Bottom Line

Finally, the integration of a voice assistant allows you to have an entirely hands-free experience. You can use your voice not only to answer calls but also to schedule schedules, set alerts, get your texts to read to you, and even more – this without having to take out your mobile.

  • SmartSound and HearThrough technologies
  • Durable materials
  • 20 and 35dB of noise reduction
  • Not compatible with wireless connectivity

5 Sony WHXB900N

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Our Verdict

If you want a lot of basses, the Sony WHXB900N might be a good fit for you. Thanks to the integrated ANC technology and other valuable features, these headphones can offer powerful bass while still retaining powerful silence when needed.


Your listening experience has just gotten a whole lot better with these headphones. Amazon Alexa, which is built-in, offers you more hands-free access to music, information, and more.

You can also use the Sony Headphones Connect app to monitor your sound settings in real-time. It would help if you changed the ANC speeds, speed, and equalization of your headphones.

Last but not least, attaching these headphones to any smartphone is easy. It’s all thanks to the NFC capabilities. This helps the headset to connect to a laptop almost immediately.

These headphones will last all day, whether you’re taking the bus to school or flying for several hours. With a single fee, you can listen to your music for up to 30 hours. If you’re in a rush, the fast charging feature can give you an additional hour of playback time after just 10 minutes of charging.

Bottom Line

This pair both has a foldable feature that makes storing a breeze. It has drivers with an acoustic bass lift. These provide a rich, punchy sound without introducing any audio distortions. With just a click of a button, you can feel every beat of every tune.

  • Voice assistant technology
  • Up to 30 hours of replay time
  • Reliable noise reduction of around 20 dB
  • Overpowering sometimes

6 AKG N700NC M2

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Our Verdict

With the AKG N700NC M2 headphones, you can expect the iconic AKG signature sound and a lot more. These drivers provide smooth and precise sound mixing. It can produce multi-dimensional sounds without the use of overpowering bass.


Not only does the AKG N700NC M2 have incredible sound detail and layering. This pair also allows you to monitor the amount of noise that is blended in with your songs. This with the simple press of a button, Ambient-aware technology compensates for the ANC, allowing you to be more aware of the surroundings.

The dual memory soft foam ear pad cushioning leatherette and the comfortably padded give these headphones a rugged and premium look. Although these headphones won’t suit people with slightly narrower heads and the ANC headphones for youth, the customizable headband isn’t anything to ignore.

The addition of a helpful companion app and multi-point synchronization further adds to these headphones’ luxurious quality and capabilities.

Bottom line

The AKG Headphones app gives you total control over your headphones from the comfort of your phone. Customize the ambient awareness levels, configure the sound profile settings, refine the EQ settings, monitor the auto on/off button, upgrade firmware, and more are available via the app.

  • Classic AKG signature sound
  • 23 hours of continuous playback time
  • Ambient aware technologies
  • Call quality could be inferior

7 Beyerdynamics Lagoon

The top 10 best headphones under $300 for 2021

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Our Verdict

The Beyerdynamics Lagoon headphones pledge to usher in a new era of music, one in which high-quality audio and artificial intelligence will coexist and deliver the best possible listening experience. These headphones are a perfect option for flying, commuting, or general recreational use due to their comfortable nature.


The headphones are made of high-quality memory foam and artificial rubber, making them incredibly easy to use. The circumaural cushioning provides a tight over-ear seal, preventing outside sounds from penetrating the ear.

The spring steel headband often fits comfortably on top of your head without being too close or awkward. Since our hearing improves with time, these headphones try to compensate by completely configuring our sound using Mimi Defined’s MOSAIC sound personalization.

This technology works by fine-tuning the volume of your listening capacity. You will appreciate the complete audio profile of any music track you listen to, thanks to individual sound personalization.

Bottom Line

Because of the new audio codec support for aptX, aptX LL, and AAC, you should expect improved sound quality in general. Furthermore, the overall audio output is of high quality, regardless of whether the headphones are plugged in or the ANC feature is switched.

  • 45+ hours of playtime
  • MOSAYC tone customization
  • Handy companion app
  • Light Guide scheme isn’t intuitive

8 Parrot Zik

The top 10 best headphones under $300 for 2021

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Our Verdict

The Parrot Zik headphones have a noise isolation capability of up to 98 percent, isolating nearly all background sounds so you can listen to your music in quiet. It also has simple touch-sensitive controls that make the listening experience even better.


These headphones have the remarkable ability to replicate the “Parrot Concert Hall” effect, which is essentially a live concert sound.

This means that the music feels like it’s coming from right in front of you rather than from the edges like most headphones do. You will enjoy sound more naturally and organically with this feature.

These headphones give you the power you want, whether you like them through the companion app, the headphone touch screen, voice recognition, or the audio player interface itself. The Parrot Zik headphones are also NFC-compatible, allowing you to pair and attach them to other NFC-compatible devices with a single button.

The intuitive touch-sensitive screen also allows you to browse songs, change music speed, answer calls, and do a lot more with just a few swipes on the button.

The Parrot Zik will potentially be a good pair of ANC headphones for gaming if you’re looking for flexibility. Its call consistency, in addition to the spatial tone, makes it suitable for team coordination.

These headphones are specially designed to make you smooth and crisp calls, with two directional microphones and a jawbone conductor. The conductor senses and records your jawbone’s vibrations and combines them with your speaker’s sound to create smoother audio for better call quality.

Bottom Line

If you want to be more mobile, attach this to your computer, tablet, or Nintendo Switch and play games on the go. Because of the padding and seal, these headphones have decent passive noise isolation. You should get a great call experience on both sides of the call with its Active Noise Cancellation.

  • Built-in jawbone conductor
  • Easy-to-use contact
  • Reliable noise reduction of around 25dB

    9 Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

    The top 10 best headphones under $300 for 2021

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    Our Verdict

    The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are a perfect pick if you’re looking for headphones with the highest and most accurate noise-cancellation capability on this list. Enjoy the music and shows with the finest possible sound quality.


    These headphones help you to fine-tune the active noise-canceling settings to your tastes. With the customizable ANC settings, you can hear a little bit more of your surroundings or listen to your music in total silence, as well as everything in between.

    You can easily swap between devices thanks to its exceptional multipoint synchronization, eliminating the need to fiddle with settings. When you want to switch around while listening to music or listening to a podcast, these are a perfect choice.

    If you’re listening to music on your monitor and need to get up and go to another room but don’t want to stop listening, interrupt the audio and play it on your phone – thanks to multipoint access, this switch is smooth.

    Bottom Line

    The headphones are lightweight and convenient, with a soft-touch plastic headband and breathable rubber earpads for all-day use. In addition to having access to details through the embedded voice assistant, you can manage tracks and make calls using a press, tap, or voice controls.

    • 13 tiers of adjustable
    • Up to 20 hours of replay time

    • Omnisound technology

    • Audio standard that isn’t as detailed

    10 Sony MDR7506

    The top 10 best headphones under $300 for 2021

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    Our verdict

    Sony’s is best headphones under $300 of the dynamic kind. For detailed sound and efficient transmission, this one has Neodymium magnets and 40mm motors. Since this headphone is closed back, it has a noiseless sound.


    The closed-back and cushioned wear both provides a supportive fit in the user’s ear while also reducing external noises.

    This headphone’s cable is 9.8 feet long, which seems to be adequate for simple portability. Since this is a corded connectivity headset, the cord is not detachable.

    There’s even a 1/4-inch connector included. With its foldable shape, this headphone becomes more portable. Even since it comes with a clever soft case that folds up quickly, it can be the perfect travel buddy.

    This headphone has a typical frequency response of 10-20000 Hz. For all of this, one weighs 8.1 oz. Overall; this is a beautiful kit that is well worth the money.

    Bottom Line

    We can say that Sony MDR7506 is one of the best headphones under $300 with the most excellent qualities. They are available in relaxed black color with comfort of sound quality.

    • Less cost, high output
    • There is no echo leakage

    • sound is detailed, light

    • The cable seems to be excessively long



    Headphones are similar to our everyday necessities. It isn’t something we will purchase every day. Another essential argument is that they are connected to our ears, and our ears are linked to our brain.

    As a result, the headphone we purchase must be the finest. Often we only go for the cheapest ones to save money, but we forget about our most vital organs. Non-branded headphones have the potential to damage our ears and brain. It is crucial to choose the better and most long-lasting choice.

    From the dynamic market, where headphones are available in the millions. It becomes tough to choose the best alternative. We’ve attempted to find the best headphones under $300 in this post to assist those who are looking to purchase one.

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